Year R

Children in Reception year are four and five years old. These children are taught in Sky, Ocean and Forest classes.


Teacher - Miss Degnin

TA - Miss Allen


Teacher - Mrs Boniface

TA - Mrs Longhurst


Teacher - Miss S. McNamara

TA - Mrs Melton

Speech and Language TA - Ms Millar (supports all three classes)

Foundation Stage Leader - Miss Degnin (supports all three classes and Nursery)

In the Foundation Stage at Manor Community Primary School, we enjoy learning both with our friends and independently, and have fun exploring the different learning areas inside and outside the classroom. We take part in a range of activities, developing our knowledge and understanding of the world around us, exploring different ways of being creative, as well as developing our communication and language skills.

The children learn to read and spell using the Read Write Inc phonics scheme, and have daily fine motor and handwriting sessions to improve their handwriting. 

During our small group time we also learn a range of Numeracy skills.

The children are encouraged to become independent learners and thoroughly enjoy taking on the challenge of learning something new!

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