Year 5

Children in Year 5 are nine and ten years old. These children are in their third year of Key Stage 2 and are taught in Medway, Darent and Thames classes.

Phase Leader - Miss Foster


Teacher - Miss Fewtrell

TA - Miss Tanton / Mrs Kingston


Teacher  - Mr Harfield

TA - Mrs Weller


Teacher - Miss Richards

TA  - Miss Pritchard

HLTA - Miss Peters (supports all three classes)

In Year 5, we use all areas of the curriculum to enhance our topics and bring new learning alive through investigations and open-ended work so that our ideas and minds are stretched.

We enjoy the challenges of the Key Stage 2 Curriculum, embracing the cross-curricular links of Art, Drama, DT, Music and P.E.

Whenever there is a spare moment in class, we read a range of engaging books and guided reading sessions weekly help to support our deeper understanding of texts!

Within our mathematics lessons, we are further embedding the children’s reasoning and problem-solving skills which will equip them with fundamental life skills

During their time in year 5, we do our best to prepare our children for the challenges of the year 6 curriculum by giving them a solid academic and emotional foundation that they can build upon for their last year at primary school.

From Term 2, we are currently trialing online homework using Google Classroom. This is an exciting step forward for our school and will further help our children to prepare for Secondary School.