Year 4

Children in Year 4 are eight and nine years old. These children are in their second year of Key Stage 2 and are taught in Snowdon, Scafell and Glencoe classes.

Phase Leader and Year 4 sets Teacher: Mrs. Horton


Teacher - Mrs Newman

TA -  Mrs Scott


Teacher - Mrs Godson

TA -  Mrs Lynn


Teacher - Mr Trainer

TA - Mrs Freed

HTLA - Mrs Croucher (supports across all 3 classes)

In Year 4, we begin to focus more on children applying the skills they have learned and building their aspirations, through a mixture of the problems they work through in class, and school trips and visits to experience the curriculum first hand.

We strive to make sure that our students are comfortable working with and manipulating the information they are presented with, in all areas of the curriculum, and are given the platform to voice their opinions and thoughts, and discuss them critically with their peers.
All of Year 4 is passionate about their learning, not just in the core subjects, but across the wider curriculum of Science, ICT, DT and Drama. They develop their understanding through investigations and experiments.

Here’s what some of our Year 4 students have to say about the year:

“I like all the learning we get to do. In particular, I like maths because I’m good at it, and the Learning Challenges push us to learn more. We learn how to use our maths skills in everyday life.”Tyresse, Scafell.

“We learn to be tolerant of each other, and how to use democracy to pick our student council members. When we’re nice to each other, we show mutual respect.”Maysie, Glencoe

“After our trip to Deal Beach, we used our experiences to make a watercolour painting of the sea and sky. We also used our memories of the waves and the seagulls to build up the description in our writing during ACE week.”Rachel, Snowdon.

art work