Year 3

Children in Year 3 are seven and eight years old. These children are in their first year of Key Stage 2 and are taught in Adelphi, Globe and Apollo classes.


Teacher - Miss Evennett / Miss Lynn

TA - Miss Lynn


Teacher - Mrs Atkins

TA - Miss Cunningham


Teachers - Mrs Brown / Miss Francis

TA - Mrs Andrews

HLTA - Mrs Montague (supports all three classes)

Last term, Year 3 were investigating rivers, to answer the question; If a river is always flowing into the sea, then why doesn’t it run out of water?

They investigated evaporation, and explored the water cycle; they even created their own water cycle in a bottle. By making their very own eco-systems in bottles, they could see for themselves, a mini version of the water cycle. They then use their PowerPoint skills to present to the rest of the class.

Among other activities, we compared the Thames and the Amazon, and created Monet inspired Thames River chalk art.

water cycle bottle

presenting to classriver graph