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Manor Community Primary

Healthy Schools

We aim to tackle the growing issue of poor nutrition and obesity amongst children as well as enabling children to make informed choices to improve their physical and emotional needs.

Ideas for healthy lunchboxes

Click on an image below to look through for ideas for a healthy lunchbox. 


Food - a fact of life


Is another good website and has free resources for teaching young people aged 3-16 years about where food comes from, cooking and healthy eating. 

Roots to Food 

The Upper School and 2 of our teachers took part in Curriculum Cooking Challenge which started with an introduction and questions/answer session on health, well-being and nutrition, mainly focusing on the Eat Well Guide.

Different cooking techniques were looked at, and the importance of breakfast, and a healthy school meal discussed. Ingredients were split into their food groups and a dish chosen for each team to produce a healthy balanced meal focusing on flavours, textures, techniques, colour and presentation. The teams menus, completed as part of the challenge, are shown below as you may like to try them at home!

Tandoori Spiced Salmon

Twice Cooked Parmesan Chicken

Sun Safety 

Enjoy the sunshine this summer and stay safe. Follow our top tips: 

Apply sunscreen before school

Provide a hat for added protection

Ensure your child has a fresh bottle of water

Seek the shade when out at the hottest time of the day

Wear sunglasses. 

School Health Service 

The school health service is provided by the NHS Kent Community Health.  Please click on button for the NHS letter 

NHS Health Letter 

 Healthy Living Ideas 


eat healthy balanced diet poster.pdf


exercise ideas poster.pdf

sleep exercise eat healthy balanced diet poster.pdf

sleep tips poster.pdf