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Manor Community Primary

New Starters

A very warm welcome from Mrs Hill and Mrs Naidu (Headteachers) and all the staff, at Manor Community Primary School.

We are thoroughly delighted that your child will be joining our reception class in September and we are very much looking forward to getting to know you all!

Starting school should be a happy and exciting time, but we understand that it can be a daunting time too. We are sure that you'll have lots of questions; we hope the information here will help answer some, if not all, of those questions.

We hope that you are looking forward to September, even if things are a little tricky at the moment. Please rest assured that we will do our utmost best to make you and your child feel secure, valued and part of the Royal Rise family. Our aim is to provide your child with the very best education possible, to help them become 'The best that they can be' and we hope that you will work with us, in partnership, to achieve this vision.

If you've read the information below but still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact the school office on: 01322 383314 or by email office@manor.kent.sch.uk

Your teachers

To be confirmed.

 How do we enter the school and where is my class room?

Due to unfortunate circumstances we haven't been able to welcome you to our school as we would usually do, so we've put together a few pictures, videos and interactive tours so that you can better acquaint yourself with the school grounds.

The main entrance to the school, for pupils is Via Keary Road

Please note that although we have a car park, it is only for staff

Entrance to your classroom is down the slope and to the left once you enter Manor school from the Keary road entrance. If you enter Manor from the Ebbsfleet slope your classroom will be straight ahead of you through the small black gates.

What will my classroom look like?

We're very excited to welcome you to our 'Virtual School', below you'll be able to move around your classroom, as well as the rest of the school!

My child is nervous, how can I support their transition to Primary School?

Starting Primary school can be daunting. We'll do everything we can to make sure your child feels supported; should you need to contact the class teachers to discuss anxiety, worries or any other matter, you can contact them via the class email address: 



When does school start?

To be confirmed

 What does a day at Manor look like?

At Manor we believe that, every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support that enables them to fulfil their potential, everything we do during our day reflects our philosophy.

The school day starts at 8:30 where your class teacher will welcome your child at the gate before bringing them into the classroom for carefully planned activities that settle them into the day and support the progression of their fine motor skills.

They have lunch between 11:30 and 12:30, if you would like your child to have a free hot school meal, please look at our website where the menu for the term will be available, and remember to look through the choices with your child so they know what they would like to have. During their lunch hour they have time to eat their lunch and explore the outdoor learning environment where they can practice their skills in a range of areas such as the garden area, construction area or practicing their role-play skills.

After they have settled in to school, we begin to teach the children their phonics in small groups using a range of activities to ensure they make progress while ensuring they gain a life long love of reading and learning. After phonics, we have a group guided reading session, were the children learn about a key text for the week, all of the activities for the week are then based around this key text to ensure the children can explore and expand their skills in a range of areas. After guided reading, we have a snack, a piece of fruit provided by the school and a carton of milk. If you would like your child to receive milk each day please do not forget to register on the website: www.coolmilk.co.uk

The next part of our morning, is child initiated learning, where the activities allow the children to explore a diverse set of skills in the EYFS areas, using the key text as a basis the children can take their learning on their own individual journey and explore their interests further. During this time the children have access to both the indoor and outdoor classroom come rain or shine!

In the afternoon, we start with a well-being session, which helps encourage and refocus them ready for an afternoon full of learning. Then we have our teacher led session, which focuses on either their maths, reading or writing skills. Child-initiated learning follows this session and allows the children to practice any new skills they have learnt. Throughout the day we read stories, reinforce our number skills, practise our phonics, talk about how we are feeling and have fun!

At Manor, we have a PE lesson once a week that supports the children to reach key developmental milestones in their physical development, as well as this we also offer Forest school sessions weekly to enhance the learning from the classroom whilst providing life skills lessons and is a further well-being session which helps develop your child as a whole person.

Before the end of the day, we gather for story time and a daily reflection to discuss the learning we have done today and share our experiences and ideas.

Communicating with you

At Manor we use a variety of platforms to ensure that we can communicate important information with you.

Tapestry - In Reception we use Tapestry to track progress and growth. It's a great place to see what your child has been getting up to during their time at school.

Arbor - Is our main platform that we use to send out letters and other important information. Once your child has started, you'll receive an email from us asking you to sign up to Arbor and to download the Arbor App; it's an excellent tool that keeps everything in one place - making keeping up to date, a little easier.

Facebook - We use Facebook to show our parents what we get up to at Royal Rise: our amazing work, as well as keeping you up to date with any events that we might have. Be sure to 'like' our page, so you don't miss anything!

You can find all the others ways we communicate with you here


What uniform is required and where can I purchase it?

We believe that it is important to have the correct school uniform, to help create a sense of belonging to our school community. Please also ensure all uniform including PE kits are labelled with your child's name to ensure its safe return to you.

Our uniform comprises of a white polo shirt, red jumper or cardigan (with or without school logo), grey trousers / grey skirt and black shoes.

TFS School and Dancewear Ltd

Telephone number 01322 291838

Email: enquiries@tfsclothing.co.uk

Or you can order online: at https://www.tfsclothing.co.uk/ for next working day delivery, standard recorded delivery, click and collect or go into the shop to purchase uniform, P.E kits, book bags and water bottles.

For Physical Education a full PE kit is required and long hair should be tied back. Please make sure that if your child has pierced ears, their earrings are taken out. Please note that PE is a significant part of your child’s education. We encourage the children to keep their kits in their class until the end of term. If a child attends on a PE day with earrings and they are unable to take the earrings out themselves, unfortunately they will not be able to take part.

We like to take pride in our appearance and your co-operation in this matter is greatly appreciated.


We ask that ALL uniform must be labelled with your child’s name, preferably with iron-on or sewn in tags, as these are better lasting, as hand written names are often too faded to identify.

Break and Lunch time

Milk and fresh, seasonal fruit is provided to all EYFS and Key Stage 1 children. Should your child have a dairy intolerance, or allergy, you are more than welcome to send an alternative that can be used for break times.

All EYFS and KS1 children are entitled to receive universal free school meals, as funded by the government. Our school meals are provided by Independent Catering who provide an excellent variety of wholesome, delicious meals. For more information, or to have a look at the current menu, please visit our School meals page.

Should you send your child with a packed lunch, we request that children are sent with a varied, healthy lunch.

Please note that we are a 'nut-free' school; any food items containing nuts are strictly prohibited.

 Before and After School Care

We provide a wrap around care provision on site, which is provided by West Hill Life Ltd, at which children will be provided meals, additional educational support and lots of fun!

For more information please visit the Breakfast and After School Club Page