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Manor Community Primary

Our Curriculum

Learn and Believe... Aspire and Achieve

Our high-quality curriculum supports our children to become adaptable, critical thinkers who are confident to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Our curriculum aims to develop:

  • High aspirations
  • Self motivation and resilience
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Enterprising problem solvers
  • Pride in producing high quality end products
  • Collaboration skills through working together in
  • Working for real life
  • Reflection and evaluation

Our inclusive curriculum is based on a cycle of skills based sessions, in which key skills identified are taught. This is then followed by a period of time in which these skills and knowledge are selected, then used and applied in a range of contexts, where possible based on real life situations, culminating in a quality end product.

Though the whole school approaches the same overall theme linked to a subject, the curriculum is individualised and tailored to the needs, skills and knowledge of each child. This is achieved by including the children in the planning process through reflection, discussion with each other and with staff. This process takes place across the whole of the curriculum involved in each topic, but is in much greater detail in Reading, Writing and Maths. Each child takes their part in planning their own learning journey in all curriculum areas and especially identifying their next key steps in Reading Writing and Maths so that they know what they have to do next to get better.

Through this process each child has many opportunities to reflect on their learning and develop the aims stated above. At the end of each topic children evaluate their learning to assess the extent to which they have fulfilled their learning aims for that topic.

Our Curriculum gives each child opportunities to stretch their potential and enables them to be “the best that they can be.”

We do this through subject specific pedagogy:

Curriculum Maps 

Implementation of our curriculum

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