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Manor Community Primary

School Council


Our school council comprises of 2 pupils from each class that attend regular  meetings to discuss and plan actions on topics that affect the school and the pupils. 

Our council members also help with fund raising for the school. 


The safety of our pupils is very important to our School Council.  We have had many problems around our school entrances, especially our main Keary Road gate. 

The majority of our parents park responsibly and some even park a few roads away and walk the rest of the way to school. 

However we do still have parents that stop on the lines and drop their child off. 

Our council contacted Dartford Borough Council and our local Councilor.  A meeting was then held with DBC, our Councilor and the school council lead.  Since then the road markings have been repainted. 

 We will continue to work together to make a safer environment for our pupils.