Term dates for the 2017/18 academic year (children do not attend on inset days):

Term 1: 5th September to 20th October 2017 (Inset day: 4th September 2017)
Term 2: 30th October to 20th December 2017 (Inset day: 20th November 2017)
Term 3: 4th January to 9th February 2018 (Inset days: 4th and 5th January 2018)
Term 4: 19th February to 29th March 2018 
Term 5: 16th April to 25th May 2018
Term 6: 4th June to 24th July 2018 (Inset day: 29th June 2018)

Term Dates For Further Years

Term dates for the next 4 years can be downloaded in PDF format from the Kent County Council website here.

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